About Me - Andreas Habermehl

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site www.workingwithlight.com

Photography is on my mind since childhood times. Nearly 30 years ago I purchased my first camera, an ultra-reliable Nikon FM2. This early investment required a long time of saving pocket money and working after school for obtaining “additional funds”. But this camera was a trusty companion for over 2 decades. Back in my early days my brothers and I also improvised a black and white lab in our family's bathroom, where we spent countless hours developing prints.

Now times have changed and the digital era made our live much easier. However, my soft spot for photography remained. And instead of spilling chemicals in the bathroom, the countless hours are spend in front of the PC ;o)

As I have lived and worked in different parts of the world and as I love travelling, my main photographic subjects are landscapes (coasts & mountains) and cityscapes. Whenever possible, I shoot during twilight and in the night.

So consider yourself invited to stroll around and have a look. I am very much interested in your feedback. Reach out to me whenever you like and of course you are more than welcome to order some pictures. I especially recommend the metal photo prints, where my photos are infused directly into a specially coated aluminum sheet to create a print with incredible luminescence, detail and durability. Click on the red “Buy” bottom besides the photo and follow the path via “Wall Art” to “Metal”.

Enjoy and have a great day, Andreas

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